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There are very few Asyra machines on the East Coast right now (about a dozen). Balancing Basics has one and will travel on occasion.

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Our bodies can be just like an ocean or sea in upheaval.



Yet we do have the power to help balance the energy within and...



find ourselves in tranquility and safety.


We are "energy beings" as Dr. Mehmet Oz admitted recently on the Oprah Show. Most doctors know very little about the energy level of human beings. They are experts in the chemical and physical aspects of humans. The Asyra machine gently balances any out-of-balance energy in the body. It chooses the best related frequencies to balance. These will always vary with the individual. When the human energetic level is out of balance for an extended period of time, it will cause our chemical level to start to show disturbances. (Blood chemistries will now often show imbalances.) If the body is not now brought back into balance (harmony), in time the physical level will start showing symptoms. This balancing at the early stage of the energy level of being, can prevent symtoms from ever reaching the chemical and physical levels. The average client may need from 3-12 sessions to feel balanced, healthy, and happy.

Depending on their present state of well-being, most people feel very good, energized, and sleep soundly after an Asyra assessment.

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Why Consider the Asyra?

More than 70% of patients in any general practice suffer from functional disturbances. Functional disturbances occur when a living organism can no longer compensate adequately for changes in the environment. Environmental changes include both internal conditions of the body and external circumstances. Simply speaking, a functional disturbance occurs when no specific tissue or organ damage can be identified by conventional lab work or other pathological diagnostics - yet the patient still experiences a myriad of symptoms - though nobody can identify their cause. Functional disturbances can be detected early even from the very beginning before disease begins. That's why those who are symptom free can benefit from the testing. The Asyra can find hidden imbalances that can be precursors to future conditions.

Asyra is one of the world's most advanced health screening devices on the market. It is designed to non-invasively screen a patient for energetic imbalances that may indicate physiological imbalances or the presence of toxins. It is the first electro-dermal screening (EDS) system to have both its hardware and software approved by the FDA. Many other EDS systems have the hardware approved, but not the software.

Asyra testing differs from other Electro-Dermal Screening Devices in that it does not specifically involve the acupuncture meridians. Instead, the device tests thousands of preprogrammed energy frequencies that each correspond to different physiological conditions. G-Tech founders, Mark and Joe Galloway, have drawn on decades of experience working with Electro-Dermal Screening Devices to create the Asyra.

The Asyra analyzes the impedance and reactive capacitance of the body's energetic fields. The underlying mathematical formulas were originally applied by Dr. Tiller, a PhD and material scientist with Stanford University and have been adapted specifically to this system. According to homotoxicology research by Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg MD, disease processes first alter the body's energetic field and if left unchecked eventually lead to chemical changes and then finally to tissue destruction and/or disease.

The Asyra device is capable of processing Comprehensive Energetic Analysis (includes 5000 items), Immune Susceptibility (2000 items), Miasma Influence, Cranial Suture Evaluation, Circulatory Support, Circulatory Disturbance, Detox Support, Emotional Stress (Bach Flowers), Hormonal Support, Hormonal Profile, Immune System Support, Metabolic Support, Metabolic Imbalances, Musculoskeletal Support, Musculoskeletal Imbalance, Neurological Support, Neurotransmitter Profile and Nutritional Maintenance.

The Asyra's database contains all 1,198 homeopathic singles, all the cell salts, all the Bach-Bush-and North American Flowers, Nosodes for Bacteria, Viruses, Parasites, Fungi etc. It also includes all of Dr. Reckeweg original combinations and those he created through the years.

The Asyra's unique Filtering technology was designed to remove technician bias. Instead of selecting a favorite list of remedies, you simply test letting the patient's body reveal where the cause is truly originating and what remedy would best suffice for their specific situation. The Filter process or methodology is patent pending; which shows the first major breakthrough in EDS technology in over 25 years. Because of its unique Filtering technology, the Asyra only identifies the root cause of a health problem.

Another key feature of the Asyra device is that it can transmit therapeutic frequencies into a homeopathic solution. According with the ideas of homeopathy, it is not the physical substance that brings desired effect on your physiology, but rather, the energy frequencies that those substances emit.

Re-establishing balance to the energetic pathways that run through all organs, glands, and tissues may hold the key to restoring and maintaining optimum health. This approach is not looking for any particular disease state, and therefore no claims of diagnosis can be made.



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